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Every job is successfully delivered to meet, and often exceed, expectations. Seth does his homework and provides valuable insight to each project. He works with clients, vendors and his fellow workers in an efficient and productive manner. He is a caring individual who goes out of his way to make sure that he treats everyone with intelligence and the respect they deserve.

Erni Armstrong – Former Supervisor — President, Freestyle Marketing Group

I cannot recall another associate, past or present, that has shown such professionalism and attention to detail as Seth did in his role as Account Manager. His enthusiasm and drive were truly noticeable in each project worked on and each deadline that was met.

Charlynn Patterson – Former Coworker

Seth has demonstrated the ability to adapt his varied skill sets, and apply them appropriately to client projects and strategy. He has been a pleasure to work with, and collaborates well among clients, media representatives and agency team members. During his tenure, he has been conscientious of our company's philosophy to produce quality work for our clients; and has been a valued contributor and asset to our team.

Flo Zeuthen – Former Supervisor

I think Seth could handle any project thrown his way, from inception to final execution, regardless of size or scope. I would highly recommend Seth’s work and his work-ethic.

Izabela Amos - Former Coworker

Seth and I worked together for 2 years at PenFed and would strongly recommend him for any position at your organization. I can’t say enough great things about him but I will say that I’ve never worked with anyone more dedicated, professional, hard working and creative than him.

In the car dealership world the biggest compliment you can pay a guy is to say that you would “turn the keys to the store over to him and walk away.” I feel that strongly about Seth.

Zubair Rana - Former Supervisor, Chief Operating Officer, Koons Automotive Group