Beware of the Cat Burglar

By September 9, 2011 Television Commericials

I absolutely love this new ad campaign from travelers.

Dog sees newspaper that “Cat Burglar Strikes Again” and worries about valuable in dog house. Instead of fretting over loss, the dog obtains peace of mind through travelers coverage.


At the end of the day we all just want to be okay and not worry. I can vouch for Travelers from personal experience. In 2009 my macbook pro was stolen from my office. It was personal property and because of that my employer’s insurance policy did not cover it. Thankfully my renters insurance policy did! Travelers came to the rescue. The process did take a few weeks and it was not fun being without a computer. I got a brand new macbook pro!!! I was expecting it to be some long drawn out battle like you normally expect with insurance companies, but it was really painless.

I have been reminded and remind all of you to make sure you do backups regularly. Also, there are many apps you can install on your mac so you can recover it if stolen. (Be sure to do this BEFORE your computer is stolen!).



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