Background: I work for a small marketing firm, MarketSmart. We have office space inside a printing plant. We have a good relationship with the printer and are often approached with marketing questions by sales staff.

Today I got asked by an individual, “How much does it cost to create a QR code”. I responded in my typical Account Director Mode, well, it will take me half an hour to create four QR codes for you. Your client will have to pay $XX.

I also got asked, “If we create the four, can we re-use them?” (In defense of the rep, that question was asked by the client).

Guess what people, there is a magical thing called GOOGLE. Type in “How do you create QR Codes” and you will learn all about QR codes, how they work, and see a list of many sites that provide free QR code generators.

Type in “QR Code Best Marketing Practices”, you’ll learn tips like incorporating shortened URL’s to track your QR code campaign as well as create easier to scan artwork.

Last week I got asked, “How much does it cost to create an interactive flip pdf book?”. Again… well it will take x hours to set it up and a monthly fee of $XX.

It is frustrating to me how some people lack the initiative to research solutions to their problems. My college degree helped provide me improve my writing, ability to think critically, and an overall business background. I didn’t learn (among other things) how to use graphic design software, develop websites, create html email campaigns, etc. There are so many free tutorials, webinars, and even full-fledged online classes, I continually get agitated by how some people are so complacent and essentially stick their heads in the sand–ignoring significant changes in the marketplace around them.

If there is one piece of advice I can give to professionals (young, old, and everyone in-between), it’s to take your professional development and education into your own hands. Just because you’re out of school doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. When I graduated college mobile apps and websites as we know them today didn’t exist. Did that prevent me from learning about mobile marketing, app development, and mobile web development?

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