Kudos Toyota and Target

Every Drop, Ounce and Bit Counts

Toyota Avalon’s “Formula” commerical is awesome. I love the music, voiceover, and message.  I just wish they didn’t have to use the “Lets go places” tagline at the end. I thought the “Moving Forward” was a much better tagline that Toyota had used in previous years.



Everyday ≠ Ordinary

Target’s new “Everyday Collection” campaign is brilliant. Only Target could make groceries fashionable. I love how the messages remind consumers that everyday doesn’t have to be ordinary. Channel your inner fashionista. Whether you’re preparing to dominate the other mom’s at the bake sale, changing lightbulbs, putting fruitsnacks in your kid’s lunch bag or making oatmeal for breakfast — you are always on fire! (Agency – Mono / Minneapolis)





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